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How to remove unnecessary apps from smartphone

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Smartphones come with many apps built-in to the Android operating system. Which cannot be deleted by the user even if he wants to. They cannot be uninstalled at will like downloaded apps. These apps waste device space and create various unwanted shortcuts on home screen and app drawer. Let’s know how to remove these unnecessary apps from Android.

Remove standard apps
Many apps on the Android operating system can be uninstalled easily. That’s why if you press and hold an app icon for a while, you will get the option to uninstall. If that doesn’t work then go to All Apps from Settings and select the app you want to uninstall. Unnecessary apps can be disabled if not uninstalled. If disabled, all updates of the app will be deleted. Besides, these apps will not be running in the background starting from the app drawer.

App Uninstall via ADB
Commands can be sent from computer to smartphone using ADB or Android Debug Bridge tool. ADB can remove pre-installed apps and bloatware. This will require a desktop or laptop and a good USB cable for data transfer. First install ADB on PC. Then connect the Android device to the PC and uninstall the app. You can use the ADB App Control tool to avoid command errors.

Install custom ROM
Another solution to remove system apps from Android devices is using custom ROMs. According to the techies, if the device has a lot of bloatware then it is better to install the ROM. It takes time to find which ROM will be best for the device but it will ensure the control of everything for the users in the long run.

Removing bloatware often uninstalls necessary software. In that case, the required app can be reinstalled from Play Store. But there are other solutions. Backing up all the phone files and doing a factory reset will bring the device back to its previous state. But everyone should be careful while installing or uninstalling apps.

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