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How to prevent smartphone virus

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Nowadays, most of the time is spent on the smartphone screen, using the internet. You may have mistakenly entered an app or clicked on an unknown link. Sometimes such clicks can cause danger. These links may contain viruses and malware. As a result, viruses enter the smartphone and cause various problems. Like – phone getting hot, slow speed and many other things. So few precautions should be followed to control the virus.
Access to unknown links
In this age of social media sometimes some unknown links are clicked. Clicking on unknown links is dangerous. There are many links, which make the smartphone function useless. Sometimes it makes the personal information on the smartphone unsafe. Viruses can get installed on devices through unknown links. So you should not click on unknown links without making sure to prevent virus.

Attractive offers of hackers in email
Hackers send emails with attractive offers using different brand names. All those emails hide the smartphone controller virus in disguise. As a result, the virus enters the smartphone just by clicking on the email offer. Hackers sometimes also send emails to users with links to newly released movies. So be careful when clicking on such emails.

Avoid suspicious sites
If in doubt visiting the site should be avoided. Because, various types of fake websites contain malware. Malware is a type of virus. Clicking on any link after visiting a fake site increases the risk of virus entering the smartphone.

Warning on app install
App installs on smartphones include Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone. Be careful installing apps without the two official platforms. Harmful apps are not allowed to be placed on Google Play Store or App Store. If unofficial apps are to be used, apps can be installed using APK files through third parties.

Free WiFi is risky
When traveling somewhere, many people go to hotels or restaurants and connect to free WiFi internet. Be careful of this. Because, even targeting the network, there are cases of viruses entering smartphones.

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