Home News How to live a perfect day? For example, in the toilets in Tokyo. Wim Wenders can wait for the Oscar

How to live a perfect day? For example, in the toilets in Tokyo. Wim Wenders can wait for the Oscar

How to live a perfect day?  For example, in the toilets in Tokyo.  Wim Wenders can wait for the Oscar

TOppenheimer collected eleven nominations, trailing behind him Poor people a Killers of the Blooming Moon, but Zone of Interest or Anatomy of a Fall can also become the best film. By the way – the last-named drama directed by Justine Trietová and starring the great Sandra Hüller (who also excels in Zone of Interest) has a chance to win several Oscars, but it is not represented in the Best Foreign Film section. France sent a picture there as its representative The art of eating and loving. And he didn’t make the shortlist, just like Brethrenwhich was shot by director Tomáš Mašín.

Czech representatives will again be absent from the Oscar party, but the hot candidate for the best foreign film seems to be the poetic film Rhapsody Perfect days. The film, which was made by the legendary director Wim Wenders in a Japanese-German co-production, enters the Czech cinemas at the end of March and thus, one could say, closes this year’s “Oscar” snack for us mere mortals. We could already see most of the films whose creators aspire to the main awards, Perfect Days is the icing on the cake. And not just any kind.

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“Would you be interested in making a series of short fiction films in Tokyo, maybe four or five, each about 15 to 20 minutes long? They would all deal with a wonderful public social project, involve the work of great architects, and we’d make sure you could develop the scripts yourself and get the best possible cast.” This was the message Wim Wenders got – as he explained at the film’s launch – early on last year, and since he had been wanting to return to Japan for a long time and follow up on his famous documentary film Tokyo-GA, he did not immediately throw the offer in the trash. He read on and discovered to his astonishment that the social project meant public toilets. And that interested him even more. “In Japan, these are small sanctuaries of peace and dignity, temples of hygiene rather than toilets. I liked the idea of ​​art associated with them. And I definitely enjoyed seeing them in a fictional context. I always feel that places are better protected in stories.’

What the director did not like, however, was the concept of short films. So he proposed that instead of four times four days, he would shoot one proper film in 17 days, and set off for Tokyo. How did it end up? The story of the cleaner Hirayami, a once-privileged man who has sunk to the lowest and discovers the poetry of ordinary days there, thrilled the Cannes festival jury and, no wonder, has an Oscar nomination. Wim Wenders will surely be happy if he gets the golden statuette. But surely this master of cinematic art (see, for example, Paris, Texas) is even more grateful for every minute he can spend in Tokyo. That’s also what Perfect Days is about.

Perfect Days (Japan/Germany 2023)

FILM, directed by Wim Wenders, in Czech cinemas from March 28

Perfect days

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