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How to link Instagram with Facebook page

How to link Instagram with Facebook page

Many people want to upload a picture on Instagram and show it on Facebook at the same time. For this you need to link your Facebook account with your Instagram account. But many may not know how to link Instagram with Facebook. Let’s see how to link your Instagram account with Facebook page.

How to link Instagram and Facebook
* First log into your Facebook. Then switch to the account you want to link with the Instagram account.

* On the page that appears, click on the Manage option.

* You will see the menu option on the left side of the business dashboard. Go there and click on the linked account.

*Click on Connect Account option to connect an account. Enter Instagram account username and password and log in.

Benefits of connecting Instagram with Facebook Page
After connecting Instagram with Facebook page, there are several benefits. You don’t have to post separately on both platforms. Whenever you post one it will also be posted on Facebook. But if you don’t want to post a picture on Facebook, that option is also there. That option is shown before posting. If you turn off Share to Facebook, that post will only be uploaded to Instagram.

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