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How to keep the smartwatch safe

by Afonso
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Hackers are no longer limited to just hacking smartphones and laptops. Your smartwatch is also at risk. Many functions of a smartwatch are being done through a smart wearable device. Hackers are also eyeing smartwatches for their various features ranging from calls, messaging to health.

According to many tech analysts, low-cost smartwatches are at the highest risk of cyber attacks or hacking. But Apple’s expensive watch can also be cyber-attacked. Smartwatches usually connect to smartphones through a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy. In this technology, different channels are used to exchange information. The main difference between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy is that it uses less power than regular. As a result, the chances of getting hacked are high.

There are several things to keep in mind when protecting against cyber attacks. If it seems that the charge of the smartwatch is less than before, then you should be careful. The smartwatch works with various controller apps. As a result, hackers can take control by hacking the apps.

Before buying a smartwatch, check the information. It is better not to buy a non-branded smartwatch. It lacks security features and is more likely to be hacked. Device firmware should be updated. Cannot download apps from unknown websites.

For the smartwatch to work properly, the app downloaded on the phone needs to be updated. Otherwise the chances of the smartwatch being hacked increases. If your smartwatch has Wi-Fi feature then it is safe not to connect to public Wi-Fi.


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