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How to keep the house warm in winter

by Afonso
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After the evening, the winter started to increase. When you return home after work, it feels cold. I don’t want to do anything. So there is no option to keep the house warm at this time in winter. But it can’t be kept warm anymore. In this episode there are some tips to keep the house warm or warm.

1. Winter nights tend to get colder outside, so keep windows properly closed. But must open during the day. If it gets extra cold during the day, keep it open for a while. Then light and air can enter the room properly. Then there will be no more closed weather.

2. A transparent shower curtain can be used for windows that let in sunlight. This will keep the cold air out, but the warmth of the sun will come into the house. As a result, the house will be heated easily.

3. Use heavy curtains if there is no sunlight. Heavy curtains can trap air. But keep the curtains away during the day. Turn off when the sun goes down.

4. Close the door tightly. Check that air enters the room around the door frame and under the door. Weather strips or under-door sweeps are commercially available. They will work well. If nothing else is found, you can put a towel under the door and it will work.

5. It should be seen that sunlight should reach the house as much as possible. Obstructions that may allow sunlight to reach the house should be carefully checked. It is better to remove all things that are against the wall on the sunny side of the house.

6. You can put a carpet on the floor to keep the house warm. Rugs or carpets help retain floor heat. Carpets feel warmer to the touch than wood or stone floors. So walking will not be difficult.

7. There are many types of room heaters available in the market that will help in keeping the room warm. But they should be kept in a safe place.

8. Once cooked, leaving the oven on for a while will dissipate some of the heat into the room. But remember, cooking that produces steam should be minimized, as it will increase the humidity in the air and make the room damp. Low humidity in winter helps to feel warm. Because moist air feels colder than dry air in winter.

9. You can light candles instead of lights in the house. Candles can generate a lot of heat. But be careful where they are kept. A candle heater can be used if desired. It doesn’t produce as much heat as a real heater but will produce warmth very cheaply.

10. Some lights can be left on all the time. The bulb releases up to 95% of its energy as heat rather than light. As a result, a bulb can also act as a very efficient heat source.


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