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How to increase Gmail storage

by Afonso
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Email is very important in our daily life. In addition to institutional work, email is also required for many personal tasks. Especially Google’s email service Gmail has become essential in our lives. A big reason for this is Google’s easy integration with other platforms.

In Gmail, the inbox is filled with unnecessary mail, which takes up a large portion of storage. As a result, there are many times when there is a problem to save important apps or files on the smartphone. Most of the emails that are stored are old files. It is important to know how to selectively delete them.

To increase storage

Most of the mail stored in Gmail is months or years old. A backlog of emails quickly depletes storage. Google gives 15GB free storage per Gmail account. As a result, there is a problem when the storage runs out. However, it is difficult to find the necessary mail in the crowd of unnecessary emails. By following a few things, it is possible to quickly identify and delete all old emails. Which will help increase the storage.

How to find old emails
First open Gmail and go to the search bar and type ‘older than’ and search. There will be an opportunity to select the time frame by clicking on the search option. File size can be selected in the search bar. There will be an option to select files with large attachments easily.

Email trash
There will be a tick mark box next to the email you want to delete, click on it. Trash icon will appear on the screen. Click on it. The sidebar on the left will have the trash label. There you have to tap on ‘Empty Trash Now’ option. As a result, all marked emails will be permanently deleted. This way the storage can be increased.


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