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How to handle the extra work pressure of the office

by Afonso
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Maryam works in a marketing company. Everyone in the organization knows him as a very hardworking and dedicated worker. Maryam is very good at work and has often proved her worth in the organization.
Recently Maryam’s team got a new project. Where he got responsibility as team leader. So, being very busy with office work, he could not give time to his family as well as his own life.

Office overload can take a toll on anyone’s life. So it is very important to know some stress management techniques to protect our mental health. Let’s know some such techniques.

Prioritize work
It is important to have a routine to manage our daily tasks well. For example: If we do not decide in advance which tasks are most necessary and which tasks can be done later, then we can do the work in time. By planning and making a list, it is possible to complete the tasks properly with less effort.

Cope with stressful moments
We should know how to overcome those tasks that make us worry more. For example, if we feel nervous about speaking in front of a group of people or giving a presentation, we can practice the task in front of a close friend.

Live a healthy life
To stay healthy it is important to do things that keep our body and mind healthy. These include exercising, eating healthy foods or doing relaxing activities like meditation, and taking regular breaks. We should remember, not only focus on work but also give time to ourselves.

Create social networks
Loneliness can stress us out. Talking and spending time with friends and family is important for mental health. For example, if someone works throughout the week, their free time on the weekend can be spent hanging out with friends or participating in recreational activities.

Learn to embrace life’s changes
Sometimes some changes in life like: changing office or moving to a new place, these changes can make us stressed or worried. But it is important to know, change is a natural part of life. Instead of thinking of changes as bad, we should embrace them as good.

Learn to communicate effectively
Talking and listening to each other is important in the workplace. Keeping in touch with each other is very important to feel comfortable in our work. When we share our thoughts, it helps us work better together and makes everyone feel satisfied with their respective work.

Create a good work environment
A well organized environment relaxes and eases our work load. We generally feel comfortable and happy to work in such an environment.

Source: Speed ​​BD—Corporate Professional Development Wing


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