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How to get rid of skin irritation

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It is important to keep the skin clean to eliminate skin irritation. Wash your face with cold water every day after returning home. Basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing rules should be followed. Instead of soap, you can use a mild cleanser on the skin.

The less makeup the better. That is, look at how to do good makeup using less products. Make a pack by mixing 200 grams of condensed milk and oatmeal in lukewarm water. Keep the pack on the face for a while. Then wash with cold water. Aloe vera and corn starch can be applied to relieve skin irritation or itching. For that you need three parts aloe vera gel and one part corn starch. You can mix the two ingredients together and apply on the irritation.

It is better not to apply sunlight on the skin.  Photo: Freepik

Another trick may be to reduce irritation. Make a pack by mixing 6 teaspoons of vitamin E rich oil and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Then put it on. Applying olive oil every two hours will reduce skin irritation. Soak a green tea bag in lukewarm water and apply it on the irritation. Then there is a lot of comfort. It is better not to apply sunlight in case of this type of skin. These sun rays increase the burning of the skin.

Besides, you can eat foods rich in vitamin-C, vitamin-A, vitamin-E and zinc. These foods contain antioxidants. So you can keep vegetables rich in vitamins and zinc in your daily diet. Mix baking soda and vinegar in the bath water. You will get a lot of comfort in the bath.


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