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How to do perfect makeup

by Afonso
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You unknowingly become the center of attraction at any event. All this is possible for you too. But for that you need to know some basics of makeup. Perfect makeup techniques are given in this episode.

Arrange the eyes properly
Not everyone has long attractive eyes. So you don’t have to suffer from inferiority. Intelligent makeup strokes, new language will come automatically to the eyes. Many use kajal to decorate their eyes. But it is not the same for everyone, those whose eyes are small, they will look smaller if kajal is applied. In that case, draw a light line of black or brown kajal on the outer corner of the eye and blend it inwards. Now apply translucent shimmer on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. This shimmer will work as a highlighter. And the eyes will look big and bright.

To get the perfect pout
Many people have very thin lips. Others have fuller lips. Those who have thin lips have a problem. Lips look thinner if they are dry. So keep lips moisturized all the time. Also line the lips slightly outside the natural line with a neutral liner. Then apply lipstick or lipgloss. Lip liner should not be understood. Then apply Shimmer Shiny Gloss right in the middle of the bottom lip. You will get that perfect pout.

Whatever the shape, it needs proper shaping and highlighting.  Photo: Freepik

How to get perfect cheekbones
Some face is round, some square and some like a betel leaf. Whatever the shape, it needs proper shaping and highlighting. It is unmatched for getting well defined cheekbones. Foundation should be applied according to the cheekbones. Apply foundation one skin shade lighter than that just below the cheekbones and blend upwards. Apply a light blush or shimmer highlighter on the cheekbones and blend well.

How will the nose look?
Apply a foundation or base slightly darker than your skin tone on the sides of the nose and blend. Apply a base or foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone on the nose and blend. Remember that proper blending is the most important thing here.

Replace the brush set every year.  Photo: Freepik

Keep a few tips in mind
After using the makeup brush, wipe it with a tissue. Wash occasionally with a mild shampoo.
Replace the brush set every year.
Don’t put base makeup, eye shadow, lipstick in a box and keep it in the fridge. Will be good for a long time.
It is better not to use any makeup for more than a year. There is a risk of bacterial infection.


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