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How to block spam calls

by Afonso
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Many people have to face the problem of spam calls on smartphones. Many people are victims of fraud in these calls. Almost everyone has this experience.

According to statistics, Android operating system users face more spam calls than iOS users. But there are a few ways by which spam calls can be blocked on Android devices.

Blocking by app
Spam calls can be blocked through the app. This is one of the most commonly used methods. With which millions of people are protected from spam calls by blocking applications and mobile network carrier services. One of the best apps to block spam calls is Truecaller. Spam calls can be easily blocked with this help.

Block manually
Spam calls can be blocked manually. If one does not want to use any additional application to block spam calls, one can block spam calls manually. For this, in the first step, you have to click on the number from which the spam call comes on your Android device. To block, click on Add to Blacklist option. Then select OK and the number will be blocked.


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