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How much Bangladeshi Musharraf became ‘Hubba’?

by Afonso
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When one hears the word ‘Gangster’, an image moves like a shadow in one’s mind. Even if you don’t see it in reality, whose violent actions float deep in the eyes. Murder, extortion, extortion – all such heinous crimes are in the bone marrow. Hubba Shyamal established a similar reign of terror in India’s Hooghly in the eighties. Everyone knew him as ‘Dawood Ibrahim of Hooghly’. This time the notorious gangster was brought to the screen by West Bengal producer and education minister Bratya Basu. It has Bangladeshi actor Musharraf Karim in the title role. On Friday (January 19), the film was released simultaneously in both Bengals.

After the release of the trailer, there was a lot of excitement about the movie. The mercurial action and dialogue created a lot of interest among the audience. Finally, the director has been able to fulfill the huge expectations of the audience on the screen? Has Musharraf been able to show his game? After watching the film at the premiere, I felt that yes, Musharraf has succeeded in the role of gangster Hubba. But the story is a bit one-sided, full of hubba action. Other characters are so cornered there, that the flow of the whole story becomes one-sided and one-sided.

Loknath Dey plays Hubba Musharraf's right-hand man.  Photo: Collected

Musharraf Karim can be seen in many looks on screen. His behavior, speech and behavior are crazy. When and how to sit, only the creator knows!

The director informed about the production of the film, it is based on a novel written by Supratim Sarkar. Fictional biopic. For those of us who have never seen Hubba, this picture is his image! Meanwhile, Musharraf Karim said, ‘The way the story is told in the movie, will not disappoint the audience.’ It’s true! Since it is a biopic, the story of ‘Hubba Bimal’ could have flowed linearly from childhood to adulthood! But then it would have been like ten more movies! Bratya Bose has tried to tell the story in a different pattern, which is the interesting aspect of this movie. There were ups and downs in the story—sometimes Hubba goes back to his childhood, sometimes to adolescence! As impressive as the storytelling is, it also has its weaknesses. The general audience may get confused by this. Because the journey from one time to another was never smooth.

However, Musharraf Karim’s acting was like ‘Hooghly Hubba’! Anger-vengeance or laughter-laughter appeared in his eyes. As lucky as the audience is to see the Bangladeshi actor in such a gangster role, the actor himself is also lucky. Because, in the past few decades, no actor of the caliber of Musharraf Karim has been seen so strongly in the role of a gangster in two Bengals.

On the other hand, Indranil Sengupta acted in Redwan Roni’s ‘Chorabali’ in Bangladesh. He was much admired then. This time also the audience of this country got a chance to see him. He plays the role of CID officer Diwakar in Hubba. Casting him for this role has been great. Actress Paulmi Basu was also in another mood. One who stands out in the crowd of heavyweight performers is Gambhira Bhattacharya. His performance in the role of young Hubba is mind-blowing. He may have had to master the main character traits, Musharraf’s speaking style on top of that – which is a very challenging thing. His performance as ‘Yuvak Hubba’ is truly mesmerizing.

Gambhira Bhattacharya and Musharraf Karim on the shooting set.  Photo: Taken from Instagram

Soumik Halder was in the cinematography of this film. His Munshiana was quite. However, a couple of shots left the audience a little confused. It seems that they did not get perfection while bringing creativity!

Meanwhile, the background music of the film is sure to leave an impression on the audience. Whether it’s good or bad depends a lot on the individual. When playing Dhum-Dharakka music in neighborhood-mahalla, worship-parban, many people like it, and many people also like it; There was just such an atmosphere at the concert. Prabuddha Banerjee was the music director. And in music Shilajit was as original as him. He has managed to create a strange lyric, a strange melody.

Another scene from the movie.  Photo: Collected

‘Hubba’ is a commercial film. It has all the spicy ingredients of fights-slash-love-drugs or naughty songs. For adults it is spectacular; Best kept out of reach of children under 18 years of age. It would have been better if this disclaimer (18+) was given at the beginning.

Finally, those who like gangster or godfather movies can easily watch this movie. The behavior of the gangsters of this Indian territory is similar to that of Europe-America, only a difference in cultural lifestyle will be visible. But whether it can be called ‘great’ is certainly debatable. Because there is a danger of looking a bit random looking at Hubba. Maybe if a little more focus on the screenplay, that deficiency would have been completely solved!

Rating: 3/5
Director: Bratya Bose
Story & Screenplay: Bratya Basu and Supratim Sarkar
Starring: Musharraf Karim, Indranil Sengupta, Gambhira Bhattacharya, Loknath Dey, Paulmi Basu etc.
Language: Bengali
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
Release: 19 January 2024


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