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How long to give the smartphone to the child

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Many parents are giving smartphones to their children these days. Children are spending too much time on the screen. Most of the time it has a serious effect on the child. At the same time, there is a harmful effect on the eyes and brain. While gaming and watching videos on mobiles create joy and excitement in children’s mind, imagination decreases. Experts believe that these problems are becoming serious with increasing age.

The damage that is being done
1. Various studies have shown that spending too much time on smartphones can lead to various physical problems in children, such as eye problems, stress, insomnia and intellectual development. Sitting with the phone reduces physical activity. Children lose motor skills and mental coordination.

2. Children these days have almost forgotten about going out for sports or reading story books. Due to smartphone addiction, children are losing the ability to patiently read textbooks or story books.

3. Children are having sleep problems due to their eyes stuck on smartphones for a long time. Children’s brain development is inhibited and eyesight is reduced if they are exposed to mobile light for a long time. According to a study by the American National Institute of Health, the brain structure of children who spend more time on smartphones is also different.

4. Cyberbullying is a big problem nowadays. Which has a severe impact on the mind during adolescence. Many children are victims of cyberbullying through the use of social media on smartphones. Without the knowledge of the parents, this bad effect can be on the child’s mind through the smartphone.

5. Due to lack of sleep due to excessive phone use, memory loss, thinking ability and ability to think are lost. It also causes great damage to children’s education.

Role of parents
In most cases, children’s use of smartphones is initiated by their parents. If the parents want, they can get the child out of the mobile phone addiction. At present, schools have to give mobile phones to their children even if they don’t want them for online studies. In many families, it is important for the child to have a phone at home because parents are away for work. However, parents should keep an eye on how much time he is spending on the phone all day without need.

1. There is more happiness in the world than smartphones. Therefore, instead of smartphones, children’s inclination should be increased in those directions.

2. It is not very easy to break a child’s mobile phone addiction. This addiction of the child will be reduced only if you can increase the interest in mobile alternatives and interesting things. If the child has an interest in painting, singing or playing a musical instrument, that interest should be nurtured.

3. Along with studies, the child should be taught computer coding languages ​​and develop an inclination towards various mystery-thriller stories.

4. It is inappropriate to hand over a mobile phone to a child without giving him time or continue cartoons on TV. Many children become dependent on mobile phones due to loneliness. First of all, parents should check whether the child is able to perform daily functions properly even using the smartphone.

5. It is very important to have study and sports environment at home. Every household member needs to spend time with the child at least one day a week.

Children are having sleep problems due to their eyes stuck on smartphones for a long time.  Photo: Courtesy of PexelsHow long will you give the smartphone?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the more children run and play, the better their future will be. For this, the organization has given an instruction about how much time the child will spend in front of the smartphone or computer screen.

1. Children under the age of one and a half are not allowed to use the screen. Even video chatting with them is not okay.

2. Children between the ages of two and four should engage in more physical activity. Engage children in various activities including sports.

3. Children between the ages of two and five should not be allowed to look at smartphones for more than an hour a day.

However, a study by San Diego State University in America shows that spending time on smartphones is very harmful to mental health. , just one hour a day of screen time can be enough to make a child under two years old anxious or depressed. So the parent has to decide at what age to give the smartphone to the child.

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