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How ethical is the marriage of victimized women with rapists?

by Afonso
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Rape is a serious crime. Currently, the maximum punishment for this crime in our country is death penalty. However, sometimes we hear or read in newspapers that a rape victim is being married off to a rapist.
Village arbitrators do not understand that in our society when the rapist is asked to marry the victim, it is not a punishment but a reward. Even the parents of rape victims do not understand this matter, or accept it helplessly. But it is a matter of deep regret that those who are involved in the justice system of the country are not able to understand it? Because already some of the defendants who are accused of rape in the court premises are married to the women who were abused by them. The criminal Barmalya later got an honorable discharge from the court and went home smiling.

When people get to know about the rape law and its prosecution, the rapist and his family influence the socialists out of fear of prosecution. Affected by these socialists said to the relatives of victims of torture, what will happen with the case? If the matter is known, can I show my face in society? Will your ‘lost girl’ get married? Litigation costs money as well as value. And the girl will not get married from the middle. Then both the mango peels will go. Better to leave them out and compromise. The boy’s parents who kindly marry their son to the girl, take him as a wife is your destiny!

Now talking about why the crime of rape is the punishment of marriage? No one should like the perpetrator of a heinous crime like rape. So why hand over the victim to the woman? In the name of marriage, instead of punishment, a rapist is handed a license to rape for life.

Rewarding a bully in this way is based on the psychology of society. One does not need to be a sociologist or a psychologist to understand that psychology. We hate those accused of theft, robbery or murder. But when it comes to crimes against women, our social attitude is to hate the victim, not the perpetrator. So when a woman is sexually assaulted or raped, society hates the rapist and not the raped girl. Because people think that a woman who is raped means that she is ruined. But in this case, why would the girl hate? As a rapist is a criminal, the law has prescribed punishment for him. And his maximum punishment is life imprisonment to death. But the society does not hate this heinous criminal.

The judge of the court who knows all the laws of the world, does not the question arise in their mind? Criminal agrees to marry to escape rape case. What is the guarantee that the criminal will not divorce the woman as a wife after being released? Moreover, if the crime of rape is expunged by marrying the victim, then heinous crimes like rape will continue to increase.

Marriage cannot be a punishment or solution for a heinous crime like rape. The voice should never be married to the rapist but he should be given at least life imprisonment if not death penalty. Along with this, there is a need for a change in social attitudes. It is necessary to make people aware. There is no alternative to state and organized social movements for this. And people have to accept that woman is not a potato or a fruit that will rot or become undesirable and should be slapped down the throat of a criminal.


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