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How do you want to dream AI will help

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Almost everyone has nightmares in their sleep at night. Sometimes thinking about that dream upsets the mind until the next day. However, artificial intelligence or AI has brought a solution to this problem. From now on, you can decide what you will dream about. AI will help you dream as you wish.

Opportunity to control dreams
With the help of developing technology you can control the uncontrolled world of dreams. Recently a technology company has designed a wonderful device aimed at entering the mysterious world of dreams at will. A company called Prophetic has recently developed a device called the ‘Halo AI’ headband. With this device, you can not only enter the world of dreams, but also take complete control.

The prophetic company claims, with the help of Halo AI headband, you can dream of your choice while you sleep. It is being promoted as ‘Dreams on Demand’. According to Prophetic, they have developed this device with the help of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. This device works with the help of artificial intelligence.

How Halo AI works
According to the company, the Halo AI headband device uses ultrasound to help enter the world of dreams. The headband is an advanced neurotech wearable device that taps into the user’s subconscious mind.

After entering the dream world, this device gives you control. This allows you to control your dream world and dream as you wish.

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