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Houthis promise not to attack China-Russia ships

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Yemen’s Houthi rebels have announced that Chinese and Russian cargo ships sailing through the Red Sea will be safe. This information was reported by the news agency AFP, citing a senior Houthi official.

In an interview published in the Russian media “Izvestia” on Friday, senior Houthi official Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti announced this. He said, only ships related to Israel and its allies will be attacked. Apart from this, the ships of other countries including China and Russia will be safe in the waters around Yemen.

Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti also said that we will ensure the safety of other ships in our own interest. Because the issue of free shipping in this sea area is important for the economy of Yemen. However, in any case, attacks on ships related to Israel will continue.’

Israel launched an all-out attack on the Gaza Strip from October 7 last year after announcing the elimination of the Palestinian independence group Hamas. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry has claimed that more than 24,000 innocent Palestinians have been killed so far in this attack. More than 62 thousand people were injured. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Since then, Yemen’s Houthi rebels, claiming to be on the side of innocent Palestinians, have started attacking commercial ships sailing through the Red Sea to Israel.

The Houthis have warned that they will prevent any ships linked to Israel from crossing Yemeni waters.

Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti said, ‘The related shipping companies are responsible for the attacks on various ships in the Red Sea. They were told to use a different route, but they didn’t follow the instructions.’

This senior Houthi official said, “We don’t want to sink or seize any ship.” Our goal is to make it costly for the Jewish state (Israel) to carry out destruction in the Gaza Strip, so that they refrain from such actions.’


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