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Houthis plan more attacks on Western warships

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The Iran-based Houthi rebel group has announced plans to attack all US and British warships participating in the attack in Yemen. As a result, it is feared that there may be further disruption in world trade along with increasing tensions in the region.

Qatar-based news media Al-Jazeera reported this information in a statement of the Houthi rebel group on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, the Houthi rebel group fired a missile at the USS Gravely. Meanwhile, the US Central Command claimed that its forces shot down an anti-ship cruise missile.

The Houthis have said they will continue their military operations until Israel agrees to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and allows food and medicine to enter Gaza to address the humanitarian crisis. For this they are ready to go a long way.

Meanwhile, Houthi commander Mohammad al-Atifi said on Tuesday, “We are ready for a long-term conflict with the oppressive forces.” The Americans, the British and those who have coordinated with them must realize the strength of the sovereign Yemeni decision and there is no debate or dispute about it.’

The US government designated the militia as a “specialized global terrorist” in response to the attack. On the other hand, European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Wednesday that the bloc aims to launch its own navy in the Red Sea by mid-February. The 26-member European Union has refused to join the U.S. alliance established last December due to concerns among some states about being controlled by Washington.

Borrell said defense ministers should decide a day before the European Council meeting which countries will lead the effort, as well as where the mission will be headquartered. He felt that it should also outline which countries would participate and with what resources they would participate.

Yemen’s most populated areas are under the control of Houthi rebels. From there, the Houthis have been attacking ships moving through the Red Sea with missiles and drones. The Houthi rebel group has been attacking commercial ships heading to Israel through the Red Sea since the beginning of the Israeli forces’ brutal attack on the Palestinian Gaza Strip in October last year. In response to those attacks, the United States and Britain directly launched airstrikes against various facilities in Yemen, including airfields, airports and military camps.

Its effects are starting to fall on economies around the world. Shipping companies from many countries have closed their business through the Red Sea. Many countries have started conducting trade by shipping through different routes to avoid attacks. As a result, the cost of shipping has increased as well as the time of import-export of goods.


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