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Housewife Parul was killed for recording a video of theft

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Housewife Parul Akhtar (50) was killed in Barahiguni of Zayalskar Union of Feni’s Daganbhuanya Upazila for recording a video of theft. When the accused arrested in this incident was handed over to the court on Monday afternoon, he gave the details of the incident in the statement of section 164. According to the information given by him, two more people were arrested by the police.

The other two arrested on Tuesday have been handed over to the court.

The arrested are Mobarak Hossain (20), son of Moin Uddin of Badshar’s father’s house in Lakshipur’s Tumchar area, Ihab Hossain Shubo (20), son of Selim of Mathiara Afzal Mistry’s house in Panchgachia Union of Feni Sadar Upazila, and Abdul Awal Prakash Saddam (36), son of Siraj Mia of North Barahiguni area adjacent to the incident site. ). Among them, Mubarak used to stay at Tarek’s house, a resident of Mathiara Jail, Feni Sadar Upazila for quite some time.

Earlier on December 13 (Wednesday), the body of a housewife named Parul Akhtar was recovered from her house in the house of Samchul Haque Bhuya in North Barahiguni of the upazila. She is the wife of expatriate Ataur Rahman of that house and the younger sister of Abdul Matin Chowdhury, former chairman of Jailskar Union.

According to the police, after the incident, a case was registered at the police station on Thursday against unknown persons. On Sunday night, the police arrested a young man named Mubarak Hossain from his house in Mathiara Jail of Feni Sadar Upazila and started interrogation. At one point, the young man gave the details of the incident. Later the police arrested him and handed him over to the court. Mobarak Hossain admitted his involvement in the incident after being taken to court. At that time he mentioned the names of Ihab Hossain Shubo and Abdul Awal Prakash Saddam.

Narrating the incident, Mubarak Hossain told the court that on the day and night of the incident, three of them entered Parul’s house to steal. Realizing the matter, Parul started recording video on his mobile phone. Seeing this, Mubarak and his companions tried to snatch the mobile from the hand of that Parul. Unable to take the mobile phone, they hit the woman on the head. When the woman died, they ran away. According to Mubarak’s confession, the police arrested the other two in the incident on Monday.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Daganbhuana Police Station Abul Hasim said that accused Mubarak has confessed in court in the murder of Parul, a housewife of Jailskar Union. Shubo and Saddam came up in the confession and both of them were arrested. They were handed over to the court on Tuesday.


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