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Horrible bacteria in the body, eating flesh

by Afonso
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A 59-year-old woman from Scotland was diagnosed with a rare disease. A rare bacteria takes up residence in the body. It starts eating the flesh of the back of the body from the beginning. Due to this, a 20 cm wound was created in that part of the body.

The American newspaper New York Post says that the woman named Jung Eglin now lives in the Netherlands. Last January 20, flu-like infection was seen in his body. He quickly went to the hospital after seeing the condition. Later it is known that he is suffering from a rare disease.

Doctors found a black lump in Jung Eglin’s backside. This disease is called necrotizing fasciitis. It is caused by a type of horrible bacteria. After several operations, this lump is removed. His chance of survival was only 10 percent.

Eglin was in a coma for 9 consecutive days after the operation. But luckily, he survived.

“I didn’t think I’d make it back alive,” Eglin said. I went through some kind of trauma. Lost 70 pounds. I feel like learning to walk again. But I can’t sit. Carrying a special pillow.’


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