Home Sports "Hezonja leaves but not only for money"

"Hezonja leaves but not only for money"

"Hezonja leaves but not only for money"

It will be tempting to analyze the Caso Hezonja from a strictly economic point of view. The Croatian international is going to leave the Real Madrid simply because the Panathinaikos offers you a better contract. The optics are as childish as they are self-complacent when it comes to the most powerful club in the world. He Madrid does not want to reach the amount that the Hellenic giant assures him and Mario has decided that his eta

not high


finish in June. He

supreme chief will listen to this childish report (“they give him more elsewhere”) and think that there he, that Hezonja, is missing out.

For a club that is undertaking the signing of


say that you cannot renew


(ni a


, but that is another matter) it sounds a bit comical, but you already know that basketball is in deficit, that its income is what it is, that there are losses, that it must be cut, etc. Nobody remembers if he ever gave money, but I do know that he gave a lot to the club. And that is priceless. A broader perspective tells you that


a differential player in European basketball, is leaving because he has never felt important in the


, which is very personal, nor have they been made to feel it, a task that corresponds to those around them. Charge more than


but I will also leave it for a matter of skin and affection, of recognition.

Hezonja throws before the Virtus.

Hezonja throws before the Virtus.


It is true that he was never an easy man to get along with and also that not all players, I would say,


, they need the same tact when handling them. In a team it is unfair to treat everyone equally.


could not pretend to be the star of a team that is a

All Star

. But he also did not expect to become a rotation player, whose great role would come due to injuries to


or the absences of

It was left over

. And he got tired. Terminate her contract and leave, as she has been staging before: when she went to the locker room in the

Martin Carpena

while his teammates celebrated the Cup. Days later he was also absent from the tribute at the Bernabu, although


would cover him like the great captain he is. Because


dresses in white, as demonstrated in


, but start thinking green. How the


can you afford to lose


, which has not exactly fallen into the clutches of the NBA? He has been distracted while trying to renew


? If Madrid pays with glory, that’s what they say, how has it not been able to convince the Croatian genius?

At the moment of great management, and this summer the section needs it, something begins to fail.

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