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Heroin-cocaine seizure worth thousands of crores in one year

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In the last one year, the law and order forces have seized heroin-cocaine worth thousands of rupees in the country. Along with Yaba-ice, these two drugs are now spreading new fears.

Apart from this, in 2023, almost one lakh cases have been filed under the Drug Control Act. And 12 lakh 287 people have been arrested in these cases. Despite having a zero tolerance policy against drugs, experts say this situation is alarming.

The largest cocaine shipment in the country’s history was seized last Wednesday night. 8 kg 300 grams was found in the possession of a woman in the African country of Malawi at Shahjalal Airport. And its market value is about 100 crore rupees. Another 200 grams of cocaine was seized from a Tanzanian the next day.

The seizure list of law enforcement agencies including the Narcotics Control Directorate says that more than 13 kg of cocaine has been seized in the country in the last one year, which is the highest ever. And about 800 kg of heroin was seized, which is the highest in 15 years. Its market value is about thousand crore rupees.

The department says that there is no demand for this huge amount of cocaine in the country. Bangladesh is being used as a transit route. And heroin is coming in from neighboring countries.

Narcotics Control Directorate Director Tanveer Mumtaz said, ‘There is still no market to consume so much cocaine in Bangladesh. We think it is using it as a transit.’

Drug dealers are constantly changing tactics, law enforcement officials say, promising to increase surveillance as always.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB’s law and media wing, said, ‘We all have to work as a whole. Because Bangladesh does not produce drugs. But many are bringing drugs using us as a route. One of the main reasons for this could be high demand.’

However, experts have warned that the drug could spread in the country due to its use as a route. Not only Yaba-ice, but also other drugs should be monitored.

Crime expert and associate professor of Dhaka University. Tauhidul Haque said, ‘No drug will enter the country, no drug will be produced in the country and no one will be able to take drugs – these three things are the main points of zero tolerance. But we could not achieve any success in these three places.’

According to law enforcement agencies, 30 types of drugs are sold in the country. Among them, Yaba, ice, heroin spread more.


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