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Heroic victory for Sainz!!!

Heroic victory for Sainz!!!

Ferrari wins a race against Red Bull again and it is Carlos Sainz againlike in Singapore 2023, the one that manages to defeat the unbeatable car. Sainz’s feat would deserve a whole documentary if he were British like Lewis Hamilton, with a victoria 15 days after surgery of appendicitis and with three incisions still in his abdomen, which must have bothered him on the torture rack that is an F1 for the body. ‘Smooth Operator’ as they named him in McLaren because of Sade’s song, He has operated on all of them at the Australian GP, ​​with and without anesthesia.

In the offices of Maranelloor rather Turin, made a decision to dispense with their currently best pilot, all of 2023 ahead by charles Leclercto place the a pilot in clear decline not so much talent as morality and attitude, as the seven-time champion has been demonstrating in recent times. It is not based on sporting values, but on marketing. May God preserve their sight. The abandonment of Hamilton (engine) when it was clearly behind again Russell indicates that he is no longer the undisputed first driver at Mercedes and it is very likely that he will not be able to beat the Monegasque in 2025 either.

Sainz is the only one who has beaten Red Bull in the last 30 F1 races and he has done it twice. This Sunday he won at Verstappen, who said goodbye on lap 5 when he was second and when ‘Matador Petit’ even if ripped off the stickers on lap 2 with an overtake to frame.

Max then saw how a rear brake vent was blocked and everything ended in fire, explosion of the piece and smoke. Since Monza 2022, the Dutchman has not had a breakdown, who remains firm in the lead but has now found a rival, as Carlos has shown, in qualifying and in the race. Ferrari’s star is Sainz, who speaks on the track and does so loudly, to be discreet and a gentleman off the track.

Now it seems that in the World Cup where the same guy always wins, there is a new winner and The only one who seems in a position to discuss the championship with Verstappen is Sainz, because Leclerc has started the year clearly behind Madrid in pace and mentality. Sundays are his strong point, but also Saturdays. To Charles land has touched a very hard nut to crack for the rest of the year, because there is no one to stop Sainz, not even his illness.

Alonso, teacher, and sixth

Fernando Alonso once again worked magic with a car that is clearly fifth on the grid and very slow compared to McLaren and Mercedes. He has a serious problem at Aston Martin, which is forced to react quickly to recover benefits. The Asturian had to maximize the changed strategy, engage Checo with the DRS in a part of the test, take advantage of the ‘virtual safety car’ to stop and end up unhinging a Russell who ended up slammed against the wall, after trying to overtake Fernando with an advantage in DRS and tires and failing.

Alonso’s sixth final has a value that may not be valued again, like in Arabia, but it is outside the position of this AMR24.

Australian GP 2024

1 Carlos Sainz (D) Ferrari 58/58v

2 C. Leclerc (D) Ferrari + 4″3

3 L. Norris (D) McLaren + 8″6

4 O. Piastri (D) McLaren + 18″5

5 S. Perez (D) Red Bull + 30″8

6 Fernando Alonso (R) Aston Martin + 47″4

7 L. Stroll (D) Aston Martin + 58″5

8 Y. Tsunoda (D) RB + 62″2

9 N. Hulkenberg (D) Haas + 65″3

10 K. Magnussen (D) Haas + 1 lap

11 A. Albon (D) Williams + 1 vuelta

12 D. Ricciardo (R) RB + 1 lap

13 P. Gasly (D) Alpine + 1 lap

14 V. Bottas (M) Stake + 1 vuelta

15 G. Zhou (D) Stake + 1 vuelta

16 E. Ocon (D) Alpine + 1 turn

17 G. Russell (D) Mercedes Retired

18 L. Hamilton (D) Mercedes Retired

19 M. Verstappen (M) Red Bull Retirado

Departure: Sainz clean and Alonso lost a place

The start of the test was very clean with Carlos second and Fernando losing a place with Lewis who was on soft tires, due to the Asturian’s hard ones.

Pass from Sainz to Max (V2/58)

The champion lost the car and Carlos passed him at the exit of turn 7. The Madrid driver took off his stickers.

On lap 5, the Red Bull number 1 left a cushion of fire in one of its wheels, due to a blockage in one of its brake vents. Verstappen had not left since Monza 2022. Carlos went ahead and opened a gap with Lando Norris.

Hamllton Stop (V8)

Alonso moved up to ninth with hard and stuck to Tsunoda with the medium. Dance of stops by Mercedes, Leclerc and McLarenn, which put Fernando in second place.

Sainz’s tires were holding up and Fernando was 17 seconds away without stopping.

.Norris and Checo to the pits (v15), Sainz first and Alonso second, Hamilton abandons

Sainz entered on lap 16 and placed second. Hamilton’s abandonment (engine) allowed Alonso to save 7 seconds for his pit stop and returned fifth behind Norris. Aston and Sainz’s player was the leader over Leclerc.

Sainz escaped from Leclerc (V20)

With fresher rubber, the Spaniard imposed his best pace on his partner.

Checo passed Russell on lap 21 and placed sixth behind Alonso.

Checo passed Checo on lap 28

The one from Oviedo moved to sixth, but it was real with respect to Russell. Sainz was already almost 5 seconds behind Leclerc. Victory seemed in the pocket.

McLaren gave the order to Piastri to let Norris pass, in a very controversial decision with the Australian racing at home.

Laeclerc stopped at 35

In a discreet performance and after punishing his tires he had to stop and Sainz had 10 seconds on Norris. Checo stopped at 36th and Fernando was fifth again.

Norris stopped on lap 41 with 17 to go and returned to the track third.

Sainz stopped on lap 42

Caros stopped and returned first, on his way to victory, the third of his career. Alonso stopped at 42nd and returned 7th, although his race was with Russell for sixth..