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Helmet will write the mind!

by Afonso
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Scientists have made a great innovation in the field of neuroscience by conducting experiments for many days. Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney’s Graphenex UTS Human Centric Artificial Intelligence Center have designed a portable helmet. This helmet can read and write human thoughts. This is the world’s first helmet, which can read both the mind and the brain, the scientists claim.

The purpose of developing the mind reading helmet is to help people who cannot speak their minds properly due to illness. For example, patients with paralysis or stroke. Apart from this, according to the scientists, it will establish better communication between man and machine. It will also help control future robots and bionic weapons etc.

According to the Daily Mail report, scientists chose some people to test the effectiveness of this helmet. At that time the participants put this helmet on their head and started reading something from the book. The helmet was fitted with an electroencephalogram, also known as an EEG. It can record the electrical activity going on in the brain through the scalp.

Whenever a person starts thinking about something, the sensors in the helmet start working. The helmet records brain waves and converts them into text. In this way it is known what was going on in that person’s mind. In the meantime, many benefits have been found in this discovery, said those concerned.


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