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Heartless how to keep the heart of others!

by Afonso
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The government can take some decisions thinking about the benefit of the people of the country. Basically, those works have to be done by ensuring the welfare of the common people. Otherwise justice cannot be established in a world of profit making alone. In these cases, you have to calculate by thinking about all aspects, so that you don’t have to move away from that position. Also, one has to keep an eye on that so that no one can place the blame unnecessarily.

But when you leave even a good decision open to questioning, unnecessary confusion ensues. And that opportunity is put in the throat of common people. Those who are held hostage are actually supposed to enjoy the benefits!
The exact same picture is seen this time around the pricing of heart rings in the country. The issue is being discussed. Importers are totally unhappy after the price fixing. So much so that a large number of them went on strike and stopped the supply of rings. Complaints of discrimination have been raised. There are whispers of financial benefits to one party. On the other hand, the Department of Drug Administration, which sets the prices, is saying that there is nothing much to do in the current crisis. Common people are naturally troubled by this quarrel. But listening to the statements of both sides, it seems that they have no headache about them. One side has requested common patients not to wear heart rings to unite during this strike. And the old tone of the regulatory authorities – there is no reason for the common man to suffer! However, only those who have been bitten by the conch saw can understand the extent of the pain.

According to media reports, on December 16, the Department of Medicine Administration fixed the new price of heart rings. In protest, 24 out of 27 importers stopped supplying rings. It is known that many patients are turning away from the hospital due to the size and high cost of the heart ring. Such suffering has been going on since December 17. Related doctors say that the demand for rings in Europe is high due to relatively low prices. But many patients are forced to turn away due to supply cuts. Director of Dhaka Medical College Hospital Brigadier J. Nazmul Haque also admitted that there must be suffering with the heart ring in the current situation.

This word ‘of course’ is very important. Because both parties to the conflict ignore the suffering and remain steadfast in their respective positions. Even in the discussion, there is no solution. Common patients and their relatives are in trouble. Some media have even claimed that patients have to go back from the operating room without getting a ring! Understand the level of helplessness.

The question of determining the price of the heart ring arises because of the stark difference between the rings in our country and the neighboring countries. According to the statements of various parties, one thing is clear that the price of rings in Bangladesh was many times higher than the neighboring countries India or Nepal. As a result, many patients could get treated in India at a lower cost. This time it was the goal to equalize. As I said at the outset, there remains an obligation to be strategically sound in making such decisions. However, the number of complaints by importers suggests at least that participative negotiations in price setting have been reduced to some extent. The question is whether an agency should make a decision with procedural loopholes in determining the price of a life-saving ingredient. And even if that is taken, consideration should be given to possible adverse effects of the reverse process and whether safeguards were in place to deal with it.

The news in the media shows that these loopholes and the suffering of the common people have not been thought about much. And on the other hand, those who called the strike, they are not thinking. However, such cases of tug of war between the two sides with nooses around the necks of common people are not new in this country. Often, some people in our country steal the demands of the people by squeezing the people’s throats like this. And the controllers talk about the benefit of the people and do the work in such a way that the harm is more than the benefit! But in this process, of course, someone profits by selling the pitiful faces of the gasping masses. Because in this world worshiped by capital, crisis always creates opportunities for profit. And people’s lives are always expendable!

However, many crises in this world would not have arisen if we had proceeded with a little understanding. But if a large section of people are not put in danger because some people are not satisfied, then crisis is created. And trying to keep it alive. As it is now said, it is not possible to solve this emerging crisis by fixing the price of the heart ring before the elections. It is really difficult for the general public to understand what the National Assembly elections have to do with solving the problem of fixing the prices of life-saving products. These elections, the election of public representatives or the formation of the government – all are done for the good of the common man. So what is the use if their heart is broken due to lack of proper decision and they reach the door of death because of that?

If you look for such questions in the context of this country, you will find many. The concerned parties have to move now. Then maybe the helpless relatives of patients who have gone to the brink of life and death in an artificial crisis created by a group of people will not have to be lost in tears.

Author: Deputy Editor, Digital Department, Independent Television


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