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Heart attack on the field after surgery, playing again

by Afonso
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Luton captain Tom Lockyer suddenly collapsed on the field in the 59th minute of the match against Bournemouth in the English Premier League yesterday. Lockyer was treated on the field and later transported to hospital. It is known that he had a cardiac arrest. In this incident, the match was stopped for a while and later it was declared abandoned.

Lockyer, 29, suffered a cardiac arrest in the Premier League Championship play-off final last May. He underwent heart surgery in that incident. Later in June, Lockyer returned to the field again.

Lockyer’s heart attack yesterday left players on both teams worried. Many go to pray. Doctors and members of the coaching staff entered the field to provide immediate care. Lockyer was later taken off the field on a stretcher. After waiting for a while, the players of both teams were also sent to the dressing room.

In a statement, Luton Town Club authorities said, ‘Medical staff have confirmed that our captain suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. But he was responding while being taken away on a stretcher. Later he was given more services inside the stadium. We express our gratitude to the medical staff of both teams.’

Lockyer was later sent to hospital for further treatment. Confirming his condition is stable, a club statement said: ‘Tom (Lockyer) was later transferred to hospital. We can assure the fans, his condition is better than ever. His family is with him. But he has to go through more tests. Thank you all for your unwavering support and heartfelt messages for Lockie.’

Apologizing to fans for abandoning the match earlier, Luton authorities wrote on X (formerly Twitter), ‘Seeing the situation of a beloved team-mate, the players and staff of both teams forgot to continue the game. We apologize to the fans. Thank you to everyone for calling out Lockier’s name in such a difficult situation.’

The match was played at Bournemouth ground. Luton also thanked Bournemouth for taking immediate action on the field in Lockyer’s incident, ‘special thanks to the medical staff on both sides, including Bournemouth, for taking such quick action. It was amazing.’

The game was tied 1-1 before Lockyer collapsed on the field. Lockyer suffered a cardiac arrest in the 59th minute. After waiting till 65 minutes, the match was declared abandoned.

“The match between AFC Bournemouth and Luton Town FC has been abandoned due to a medical incident involving a player,” the Premier League said in a statement. Good luck to all the players in today’s (Saturday’s) match, including Lockyer.’


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