Health Partners Of Minnesota

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Health Partners Of Minnesota

The non-profit, consumer-controlled health system and the insurance company HealthPartners along with the population genomics firm Helix along with the company that specializes in population genomics Helix Helix has joined forces to provide health information to as many as 100,000 individuals living in Minnesota through a genome testing program that blends the data with health information records kept electronically.

As part of the myGenetics program that is to be introduced the genomic data created will integrate into the electronic health records of individuals, in order to enable Health Partners to recognize patients who are susceptible to developing health issues and allowing them to take timely preventative action to slow down the progress of serious diseases.

Health Partners Of Minnesota

“We see population genomics as a critical step in our efforts to improve the health of the communities we serve across Minnesota and surrounding states,” said Steve Connelly, M.D. co-executive director of medical services at Health Partners in the release. “By understanding the role genetics play in an individual’s health, we can deliver more personalized care and improve the lives of our patients.”

According to the firm that run similar health programs for the population have detected health risks within a small percentage of people who were who were tested. Of those 90%, none could be identified using other health assessment tools.

It is an optional program and is only available to Health Partners members. Health Partners, which describes itself as the best consumer-friendly non-profit health insurance provider across the US It stated this new initiative aligns with its goal of offering an easier-to-customize, better-tuned, affordable health care. My Genetics is designed to enhance precision medicine while taking care of health equity issues.

Within the context of the collaboration My Genetics will use Helix’s Sequence Once often, query Once model, an exclusive, comprehensive, complete, end-to-end genetic analysis and testing platform that lets users access their personal genetic information as well as aiding health and precision research.

In September last year, Helix made the similar alliance in partnership together with Medical University of South Carolina called In Our DNA SC This program is expected to include 100,000 participants. It will focus on providing actionable data regarding the areas of heart diseases and cancer. Helix has been looking for partnerships that utilize its technology platform. It also helped in the creation of programs like Renown Health and the Mayo Clinic.

The most recent partnership was announced by with the co-founders of Helix and chief executive officer James Lu, M.D., Ph.D. said: “We are thrilled to provide the population to gain access to useful and preventable genetic information as well as to help the healthcare providers and patients to make better informed medical decision-making. It will provide innovative insights into how to enhance the quality of care, reduce gaps, and reduce costs of healthcare.”

Health Partners is an integrated health system providing health care to more than one million patientsand covers more than 1.8 million medical and dental health plan members across the country. Health Partners also offers training in the field of medicine and research through Health Partners Institute. Health Partners Institute

Health Partners Of Minnesota
Health Partners Of Minnesota


Health Partners was established in 2005 in the year 1957 under the name Group Health, a consumer-governed non-profit health insurance plan with its board of directors made up from its members and members as well as its patients. In 1992, Group Health merged with MedCenters Health Plan and, together they created Health Partners. The 1st day of January 2013 Health Partners was merged into Park Nicollet Health Services of St. Louis Park to transform into Health Partners.


Mary Brainerd started with Health Partners in 1992. She was appointed the chief director and vice-president in 2002.  Then, in March 2017. Brainerd declared her retirement as of June 1st. Andrea Walsh, former Health Partners Executive Vice Chief Marketing Officer and President was appointed the President and CEO on June 1, 2017.

Jim Malecha is chairman of the board of directors. He was elected chairman for the first time in 2008.


It is an independently owned health care provider that serves 1.8 million health and dental plan participants across the nation. The company is a nonprofit health provider.

Health Partners states that the cost of medical care for its clients is 3 percent less than the state’s average and as high as 4.4 percent lower than the regional average. 

Health Partners ‘ family of healthcare also includes health care professionals who are part of Health Partners Park Nicollet Care Group. Health Partners Park Nicollet Care Group which is a multi-specialty group consisting of more than 700 physicians representing primary care, as well as 55 medical and surgical specialties. They treat the patients of more than 90 clinics as well as seven hospitals throughout Western Wisconsin, the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin.

The sites include over 55 health centers for primary care, as well being 24 urgent clinics that cater to patients, 27 pharmacies in clinics, 15 eye care centers, as well as two dental centers.

Workplace Clinics

Health Partners provides health clinics in the workplace for employees of nine businesses like: Anoka CountyMinneapolis Public Schools, TURCK, Wilson Tool International as well as Grede/Bernick’s in St. Cloud, Minn. At Wilson Tool, a company which employs around 500 employees situated within White Bear Lake, Minnesota, health insurance premiums have been nearly flat over the last three years, but they have seen significant rises of more than double-digits before the opening of the clinic.

Health Partners provides Virtu an online clinic with certified medical professionals who can diagnose and manage over 60 medical conditions eliminating the need to visit a doctor in person for the majority of patients who utilize the service.

Health Partners Of Minnesota
Health Partners Of Minnesota

Recognized and awarded awards

U.S. News and World Report/NCQA have ranked Health Partners as one of the 50 health plans available for commercial usage across the United States for four consecutive years (2005-2008).

In 2006, Health Partners won the National American Medical Group Association’s Acclaim Award for excellence in the treatment of patients.

Modern Healthcare named Health Partners as one of the top locations to work in health care.

Health Partners is the benchmark national standard to be followed across seven areas of an report from 2008 ordered from the National Business Coalition on Health.

Health Partners is ranked “Highest in Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in the Minnesota-Wisconsin Region” according to J.D. Power and Associates’ 2008 National Health Insurance Plan Study.

Cultural competence

In the year 2011, Health Partners Institute for Education and Research established the EBAN Experience program to decrease health inequalities for minorities specifically East African immigrants.

The vision and mission of our company and the core values

Our aim is to build stronger communities as well as healthier lifestyles.

Our goal is to reach the hearts and minds of those that we serve, and improve the health of our patients, acting in a dignified and respectful manner to encourage acceptance and a sense of belonging.

Our values are at the core of our business We are dedicated to serving our members and communities by demonstrating integrity, commitment to excellence, compassion and equality.

About Health Partners Plans

Health Partners Plans is an award-winning non-profit health care provider which provides Health maintenance and health care services for Pennsylvania residents.

We offer Medicaid, Medicare and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) plans that offer specific benefits to can improve overall health and well-being our clients enjoy. We also aim to improve the general health of our communities through outreach, education and other activities.

Since its founding more than 30 years ago Health Partners Plans continually creates new ways for patients to improve their health outcomes. We have been recognized across the country for our innovations for managed care.

On the 20th of November, 2021 Jefferson Health became the sole owner of Health Partners Plans.

Health Partners’ goal of being the most efficient and trusted service provider for health care , as health promotion, financing of health care and health administration throughout the country. With its headquarters in Bloomington, MN Health Partners has been providing health-care requirements of its clients for more than 50 years.

Health Partner is a group of non-profit Minnesota health care organizations that focus on improving the health of their patients, their members as well as the public at large. Health Partners and the related organisations offer products and services related to health, HMO coverage, and insurance to more than 1,000,000 members. Health Partners provides a wide variety of plans made to meet the needs of individuals, families and self-employed seniors who are covered by Medicare and also small and large companies.

Health Partners always receives a high score from The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA is an organisation which is private and non-profit that awards accreditation and certifies to health healthcare providers across the nation. When it is evaluating the quality of health insurance plans NCQA can be the best source. National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is the most reliable source within the U.S.:

The score”Excellent” represents the highest grade possible for NCQA that is based on an annual review of three years of healthcare insurance plans.

Only the best plans that are available get the NCQA “Excellent” accreditation.

Studies have proven that NCQA accredited insurance plans are more effective than those that aren’t accredited in all areas of patient care and members’ satisfaction.

Health Partners Of Minnesota

Health insurance plans of coverage for us

We provide a variety of health care services through the following top-quality plans:

Health Partners Health Partners is widely acclaimed for its innovative approach to health care management, Health Partners (Medicaid) provides a wide range of benefits and services and programs that meet your health and wellness requirements and much more. Learn More >

Health Partners Medicare : We offer three Medicare Advantage plans available in the 13-county area and all of them offer higher-quality features than Original Medicare with no or reduced monthly costs. Learn More >

KidzPartners : The CHIP program is a safety net for children who are as young as 19 years old who aren’t insured and not eligible for Medicaid. The majority families that are eligible, the CHIP program is completely free and for those who do it is a minimal cost. Learn More >

Our health plans cover:

  • Doctor visits
  • Children’s dental care
  • Prescriptions
  • Immunizations
  • Eye exams
  • Fitness centers and memberships for free
  • Doctors visit via video or telephone via Tela Doc
  • Plus

Our provider networks also include more than 60 hospitals, as well as 6,400 primary and specialist care physicians and other health professionals.

Health Partners Of Minnesota
Health Partners Of Minnesota

Our commitment to the communities we serve.

We are very satisfied with our connection to our local community. If you happen to spot our shiny RV, you’ll see Health Partners Plans is in the area!

We’ll be seen often offering health screenings at no cost and also participating in community activities and coordinating special events like concerts and health awareness days for families.

Health Partners Of Minnesota Foundation

Health Partners Foundation Health Partners Foundation supports low-income communities in Philadelphia and the adjacent counties through scholarships and education programs and emergency assistance , and more! A non-profit foundation that is 501c3. The Foundation gets its funding from Health Partners Plans employees, as well as our suppliers and donors that are part of Health Partners Plans who share our goal of offering assistance to communities that are the most vulnerable.


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