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He regularly eats one scoop of baby powder every day

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Different people have different food preferences depending on the region. However, when you hear about some people’s favorite food, your eyes will rise. For example, an American woman named Draca Martin’s favorite food is baby powder. She regularly consumes one scoop of Johnson’s baby powder daily. And spent about four thousand dollars this year.

This information is known in a report of the British media Mirror. 27-year-old Drake Martin is a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Eating powder is his habit for a long time. He said that after bathing his children, he used to taste the powder every day while giving it. At some point it becomes a habit, even an addiction.

In a Tiktok post, Drake said, he eats a 623 gram scoop of Johnson’s Aloe and Vitamin E powder every day. If necessary, he can give up normal food, but he cannot give up eating powder. When asked about the taste of the powder, Dreka said it melts in the mouth. He never had any health problems or digestive problems after eating the powder.

Drake has a habit of eating chalk and paint. But nothing is as addictive as baby powder. He said, ‘It has become such an addiction that I can’t quit even if I want to. The thought of powder makes my tongue water. This habit has reached such a point that if I am asked to choose between regular food and baby powder, I will choose the powder.’

Dreka initially kept the matter a secret from family members. But eventually everyone will know. “I wanted to keep it a secret,” he said. But many a time my mouth was full of powder, then I could not speak. After that, my family members wanted to know what was in my mouth?’

Family and friends asked Drake Martin to quit the habit, citing health risks. But he could not leave it at all. He always carries at least three quarts of this particular brand of powder with him whenever he goes on a trip or even outside the country. Drake’s only concern is if his children develop the habit. She said, ‘When I give powder to my baby after bath, he wants to eat. Because he saw me eating.’

Currently, Drake costs $14 a day to consume the powder. As such, since January this year, this woman has spent about 4,000 dollars on powder. A spokesperson for Johnson’s, the manufacturer of the powder, said that their baby powder is only suitable for use on the skin. It is warned against eating.


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