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He is putting the blame on the woman who lost her job after sexual harassment

by Afonso
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Luis Rubiales doesn’t stop talking big. Rubiales, then head of the Spanish Football Federation, kissed Spanish star Jenny Hermoso against her will at the Women’s World Cup final last July. FIFA has banned him from football due to the ongoing controversy.

Currently living unemployed as punishment for sexual harassment and public nuisance. But Rubiales still can’t find any fault in that incident.

The former federation president recently gave interviews to El Espanyol and OK Diario. There he claimed that everyone is speaking for him, even women, ‘Common people are on my side, especially girls. I am very happy with everyone’s support. Everyone says what happened to me is unfair.’

After Rubiales’ behavior on the winning stage last July, FIFA set up an investigation committee to punish him. Top figures from other federations also testified to this. Meanwhile, Rubiales’ mother tried unsuccessfully to lock herself inside the church to prevent her son’s trial. But this officer could not maintain his position.

It is clear in the interview that he is still not willing to admit his mistake and wants to put all the blame on Hermoso’s shoulders, ‘He (Hermoso) knows that he is lying. I know and so do my daughters. They heard Jenny say, “Don’t bother me, he’s a friend, it hurts to talk about it, it’s between two friends,” my daughters heard it too.’

Rubiales claims he is innocent in the eyes of the law, ‘I have spoken to many judges and they all said they found no crime here. I don’t think anyone believes what happened was sexual harassment. Nowadays, you have to be very brave to express a different opinion under media pressure and political pressure.’

Rubiales also said that one day he will tell everything, “When I want to tell my story in detail, you will know many wonderful things, and I will tell everything with evidence.”


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