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He has to be punished for raising his voice for Palestine

by Afonso
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Usman Khawaja wore a black armband in the Perth Test against Pakistan. In the eyes of the ICC, the act of the Pakistani-born Australian opener was intended to raise a voice for the children killed in Palestine. And ICC sees such message as political, that’s why they punished Khawaja.

Khawaja appealed. He said, the black armband is not for the children of Palestine, but for a personal sorrow. But that appeal was not accepted by the ICC. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the ICC is upholding the punishment.

The punishment is not big. Khwaja should listen only to rebuke. But because of Khawaja and ICC, Palestine comes here.

Before the Perth Test against Pakistan, Khawaja wore the message ‘All lives are equal’ and ‘Freedom is the right of all men’ on his training shoes. He wanted to enter the match after wearing those shoes. But the ICC says that it is in favor of Palestine, that is, it is a political statement. So the shoes with that message cannot be taken off.

Khawaja came down wearing that black armband. The ICC then punished him. But Khawaja did not stop. Khawaja’s heart cries imagining his two daughters in place of the children killed in Palestine, that’s why the Australian opener announced that he will continue to fight with the ICC. In the next Test in Melbourne, he wanted to draw a dove symbol of peace on the bat, but the ICC prevented it. Finally Khawaja wrote the names of two girls on the shoe.


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