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He got addicted to laughter, this is his crime

by Afonso
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How many people are drowning in strange addictions! There are drugs, since yesterday there is a discussion in England about the intoxication of a Premier League football player with laughing gas. He got addicted to laughter!

The English newspaper The Mirror wrote that the footballer, whose name has not been disclosed for the sake of privacy, plays in the English Premier League, citing The Sun as a source. The footballer’s addiction to nitrous oxide or laughing gas has reached such a level that his family is sending him to a drug addiction treatment center. He was the first footballer to go to a treatment center for laughing gas.

Premier League footballers have been seen taking laughing gas before. Kyle Walker, Jack Grealish, Dele Alli, Leon Bailly have previously been spotted taking laughing gas at nightclubs or birthday parties. But addiction to this gas is also dangerous and can even lead to death.

That’s why the UK banned nitrous oxide in 2023. Anyone who uses it without proper reason and permission can be jailed for up to two years. And the punishment for those involved in the sale and supply of this gas has been kept up to 14 years.

The Sun wrote that the footballer’s family was alarmed by his addiction to nitrous oxide. They contacted the footballer’s club and arranged to send him to the medical center. According to the same report, many canisters of nitrous oxide were found in a car in which the footballer was a passenger last year. But as the proper ownership of those canisters could not be confirmed, the footballer escaped punishment on that journey.

The report also states that many more Premier League footballers – addicted to nitrous oxide – may need rehab in the coming days.

Speaking about this last November, Chris Philp, the UK’s disciplinary minister, said: ‘We want to send a clear message to everyone today – especially young people – that the misuse of nitrous oxide is not only dangerous to human health, it is also illegal. Those who will be found with illegal nitrous oxide, will face punishment.’

The laughing gas was shown at the time to be a ‘Class C’ drug, the three classes of drugs in the UK – ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. C is the least harmful of the three classes of drugs. Many in the UK, however, have called for nitrous oxide to be classified as a more dangerous ‘Class B’ drug.

Why they are worried about the increase in the use of nitrous oxide, Philp also explained, ‘It has been seen for a long time, after the abuse of this drug in the public, the trend of antisocial behavior among users is increasing, which is a threat to society. We will not accept it.’

Another British newspaper, the Daily Mail, wrote that excessive consumption of nitrous oxide can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, fainting, and even a heart attack. Citing the UK’s Alcohol and Drug Foundation, the Daily Mail reports that laughing gas can lead to a lack of oxygen in the body in many cases, which is dangerous. Addiction to this gas for a long time can cause many diseases including memory loss, weak immune system, mental breakdown, depression.


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