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He covered 130 kilometers without holding the handle of the bicycle

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A young man from Alberta, Canada has set a world record by cycling more than 130 kilometers without holding the handle. His name is Robert Murray. Indian media NDTV reported that he has made a name in the Guinness World Record by cycling 130.29 kilometers without holding the handle.

Robert Murray cycled without holding the handlebars for 5 hours and 37 minutes to set this world record. He said he set the record as part of a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society in Calgary, Alberta. For this he had to test his balance and patience.

He said that Alzheimer’s disease runs in Robert’s family. “I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s,” Robert told Guinness World Records. So I cycled to raise funds for these patients. Through this I was able to raise funds as well as create records. It’s almost as exciting to me as winning twice at the same time.

According to the report of Guinness World Records, Robert has been good at cycling since childhood. He also knows how to swim. As a child, he used to go to the swimming pool by bicycle with his sister in the morning.

Robert said, at that time we only cycled 10 km. That seemed like a very long time. I couldn’t drive very hard. Often my sister would overtake me. I would have stayed behind.

Later, Robert slowly fell in love long distance. From the age of 15, he started saving money to buy a ‘road bike’. And he made a record with that bike. A road bike is a bicycle suitable for running on a flat surface and relatively high speed.


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