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He blew up the flat while killing a cockroach

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A man blew up a flat while killing a cockroach in the house. Such an incident happened last Sunday in Chuyo Ward of Kumamoto, Japan.

Local media outlet Mainichi Shimbun reported that the man used extra pesticides in his flat to kill an oil beetle. Later there was an explosion. In this incident, the window of the flat was blown. Besides, a 54-year-old resident of that flat was also injured.

Police believe burn marks were found near a kotatsu (electric heating table).

Japan’s National Consumer Affairs Center says it has received multiple reports of explosions caused by pesticide spraying inside electrical appliances.

Philip Koehler, a professor of entomology at the University of Florida, said liquid sprays can be extremely dangerous in certain areas. Electrical outlets, motors, or exposed wires present a risk of electric shock if water-based pesticide sprays are applied.

Meanwhile, as soon as the incident of explosion in the flat while killing cockroaches spread on social media, discussion and criticism started about it. A user on Instagram wrote, Is the cockroach finally dead?

Another person wrote that the person may have seen the cockroach before it moved to another neighbor’s house.

Earlier in 2017, a woman in the United States burnt down her entire house while killing cockroaches.


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