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Hamas reported killing many hostages

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Hamas, the Palestinian independence group, said many hostages taken from Israel had been killed. And the organization blames Israel for this.

Hamas spokesman Abu Obayda said this in a statement yesterday. The news agency AFP reported this information.

In a televised statement, he said, ‘We are not aware of many hostages and prisoners taken by the enemy in recent weeks. And all the rest have been taken to unknown tunnels because of the Zionist aggression.’

‘Perhaps many of them have been killed recently. For the rest, the catastrophe is increasing every hour. The enemy’s leadership and army are entirely responsible for this.’

A Hamas spokesman said its allies said it would expand its offensive against Israeli forces in the coming days. Abu Obayda also alleged that the Israelis started a religious war by destroying the mosque.

“The Zionist enemies have destroyed most of the mosques in the Gaza Strip during the 100-day war,” he said.


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