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Hamas attacks in Israel with Israeli weapons!

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Despite Israel’s siege of Gaza, there are many questions about how or where Hamas gets such heavy weapons. Military analysts have been saying for years that these weapons are smuggled through secret tunnels into Hamas’ hands.

The weapons used by Hamas in the October 7 attack on Israel and fighting against Israeli forces in Gaza came from the Israeli military. Hamas is carrying out attacks by making weapons with unexploded bombs dropped by Israel. The New York Times reported this information about Israel’s military and Western intelligence officials.

According to weapons experts, Israeli and Western intelligence, thousands of unexploded ordnance dropped by Israel in Gaza have been used by Hamas to build rockets and anti-tank weapons.

In addition, the weapons looted from Israeli military bases during the October 7 attack are also being handed over to the fighters by the pro-independence group.

This became clear after the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. A few hours after the Hamas attack that day, the body of an armed Hamas fighter was found outside the Reim military base. The grenade strapped to his body was a new model bulletproof grenade made by Israel.

Hamas fired about 5,000 rockets into Israel on the day of the incident. An Israeli forensic team recovered a rocket from a few miles away from the military base. An Israeli intelligence official said that the forensic team’s tests showed that the explosives that were in the rocket were used only by the military. It is believed to have been made from explosives from unexploded Israeli missiles fired in the previous Gaza war.

Thousands of tons of unexploded ordnance, which are reusable, are reportedly scattered in Gaza after years of sporadic bombing and recent bombings. According to weapons experts, it is possible to make hundreds of missiles or rockets from an unexploded 750 pound bomb.


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