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Half of Gaza’s people are starving: UN

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Israel’s continued shelling exacerbates the food crisis in Gaza. The United Nations has warned that half of the people there are starving. Nine out of 10 people in the territory do not get food every day.

Israel’s aggression in Gaza intensified after the US vetoed the ceasefire. The Palestinian Authority has criticized the United States for vetoing a UN Security Council ceasefire resolution. They condemned it as disastrous and dishonorable. Several countries condemned the US veto. At the same time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan said that the UN Security Council is Israel’s Security Council.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health of Gaza said on Saturday that 17,700 Palestinians have been killed since the start of Israel’s aggression on October 7. Injured 48 thousand 780 people.

A number of people were killed overnight in al-Zawaida and Nusairat in central Gaza, Rafah and Khan Younis in the south and Gaza City in the north.

Israel has stepped up attacks on Khan Younis since Wednesday, alleging that Hamas has tunnels. The Israeli forces claim that they are fighting from house to house to eliminate Hamas.

Witnesses say the number of victims at the hospital has increased since the shelling from Israeli tanks.

Schools and hospitals have been targeted by Israel over the past week. Al-Jazeera, citing Hamas officials, said 133 bodies were brought to hospitals in central and southern Gaza in one day.

Israel escalates violence in West Bank amid conflict with Hamas in Gaza So far, more than twenty-two and a half Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank. Apart from this, there has been a fierce fight between Israeli forces and Hamas in the Jabalia refugee camp.


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