Home News Half of colon cancer therapies are not funded

Half of colon cancer therapies are not funded

Half of colon cancer therapies are not funded

Less than half (5 out of 11) of colon and rectal cancer therapies recommended by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) have full public funding in Spain. These data correspond to the Oncoindex reportwhose data has been updated by the Alivia Foundation, coinciding with the celebration on March 31 of World Colon Cancer Day.

Funding for treatments for colon and rectal tumors is below the overall average for all cancer therapies (50 vs. 54). For the Alivia Foundation, the decline that these substances are suffering in recent years is worrying: in 2021, 80% were paid for by the State compared to 50% currently.

Colon and rectal cancers are the most diagnosed in Spain. In 2023, 42,459 new cases were diagnosed, according to data from the Spanish Association against Cancer. Its progression has not stopped growing and its incidence is increasing in the age group under 50 years of age. Its incidence is slightly higher in men than in women and represents almost 15% of all tumors diagnosed last year.

For Asensio Rodríguez, director of the Alivia Foundation in Spain, the Oncoindex data should lead us to reflect on “the process of public financing of treatments for the most prevalent cancer in our country. Not only is it not experiencing progress, but it is clearly in decline.”

“The treatments for colon and rectal cancer recommended by ESMO have proven effective and are already being used in other countries. If these treatments were available, cure rates would increase in our country and the quality of life of many patients would improve.. “Why doesn’t the Government take any measures to accelerate its financing?” adds the leader.

In order to resolve this situation and The Government finances 100% of the treatments recommended by ESMO For colon and rectal cancer and for all tumors, the Alivia Foundation has been carrying out a signature collection open to all citizens since last year on its website. In this petition, Alivia asks the responsible bodies to “provide rapid diagnostic tests and that all drugs in the fight against cancer recommended by ESMO are available in Social Security.”