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Hair and Beauty Fest in Dhaka in February

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For the first time, ‘Hair and Beauty Fest 2024’ is starting in Dhaka. Beauty Service Owners of Bangladesh (BSOAB) made this announcement in a press conference organized at Daylister Bhawan in the capital on January 29.

Kaniz Almas Khan, president of the organization said that this organization is being organized to take the country’s beauty industry one step further globally. He said, we are organizing hair and beauty fest for the first time in Bangladesh to empower women involved in the beauty industry. We are determined to help women become independent, self-reliant and confident.

In the press conference, BSOAB Secretary Sumna Hasan said, Hair and Beauty Fest 2024 is not only for skill development of members of our organization. At the same time, it is being organized to support underprivileged women who wish to join the beauty industry. This event will play a role in breaking down all barriers and pave the way for a diverse and prosperous future.

At this time, it was informed that if everything goes well, ‘Hair and Beauty Fest 2024’ will be held on February 11 and 12 at Hall 3 of ICCB in the capital. The two-day event will run from 10 am to 8 pm. The event will include fashion shows, live demonstrations by local and foreign hair and beauty experts, special exhibitions featuring the latest trends, discussions on business barriers and challenges. Apart from this, there is an award ceremony to recognize those who have played an outstanding role in the beauty industry.


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