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Guru-disciple fight has gathered in Comilla-11 constituencies

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Guru-disciple fight has accumulated in Chauddagram of Comilla-11 Constituency. Boat and independent candidates want to keep the seat in the midst of complaints and counter-complaints. In the same upazila, former Awami League member of parliament Mujibul Haque and former municipal mayor Mizanur Rahman are the main rivals, so the opinion of the voters has changed. They are saying that they will choose the one who will be development oriented by excluding dominance.

Former Railway Minister Mujibul Haque is a candidate for a boat in Comilla’s Chauddagram. And the former municipal mayor Mizanur Rahman, who is known as his disciple, is desperate to beat him as an independent candidate.

Both guru-disciples are campaigning vigorously, electorate divided into complaints and counter-complaints.

Supporters of Awami League’s former parliament member Mujibul Haque say that the youth community of the area is united to vote for Mujibul Haque. They say that Mujibul Haque has contributed to the development of most educational institutions in Comilla.

On the other hand, the supporters of former municipal mayor Mizanur Rahman say that Mizanur Rahman will win this time.

However, the locals say that the development work has not been done in many places. This should be looked into.

Awami League candidate Mujibul Haque says that the one who once started the boat politics by holding his hand, today he is the one who has taken a stand against the boat. He said that the people rejected him for standing in the election after leaving the party.

And independent candidate Mizanur Rahman claims that if the election is fair, he will win the vote of the youth.

Tension is increasing in Chouddagram around the election fight. The administration has already fined the supporters of the two heavyweight candidates several times for violating the code of conduct. Therefore, 394,000 voters of this seat demand to maintain fair polling environment.


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