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Gunman attack on live television show

by Afonso
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Gunmen attack a television studio in Ecuador during a live broadcast. It is reported that one person was injured. British media BBC reported that the incident took place on Tuesday at the TC television station in Guayaquil city of the country.

A 60-day state of emergency was declared in the South American country of Ecuador on Monday after Adolfo Macias, a notorious drug lord, escaped from prison. This happened the next day. Adolfo was sentenced to 34 years in prison for drug trafficking, murder and organized crime.

The gunmen were all wearing hoodies and carrying guns, the BBC reported. They stormed into the live broadcast of the event, opened fire and threatened the staff of the event. They were also seen in live telecasts. At this time, the staff of the program got scared and lay down on the floor. At one point the live broadcast stopped. After half an hour the police went there.

Police said the television station workers were evacuated safely. Some suspects have been arrested.

In addition, on the same day, the criminal gang kidnapped 7 policemen by exploding in different cities of Ecuador. In a video, a kidnapped policeman is seen giving a written speech to the president, in which he says, “You (the president) declare war, you will get war.”

It should be noted that Daniel Noboa, a young businessman and politician, took over the presidency in November last year. He expressed his conviction to improve the law and order situation of the country. A day after Adolfo was sentenced to 34 years in prison last Sunday, President Noboa declared war on drug cartels.


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