Home Sports "Guide to know if your friend watches Atlético matches"

"Guide to know if your friend watches Atlético matches"

"Guide to know if your friend watches Atlético matches"

The staff was surprised on Saturday for the match played by Atlético in Cádiz, when the surprising thing is that at this point it is surprising. There are seven defeats in 14 league outings, only four wins. Taking into account the performances away from home, the New Mirandilla It is normal, even though the rival has gone 22 days without winning. If there are fans, not a few, who are still amazed

What’s wrong with these performances is that perhaps there are many people who don’t watch Atlético’s games and who have stayed in another era. Here’s a little guide to know if his friend is one of them. If when Atlético leads on the scoreboard he continues to say that this game is no longer possible, he probably has not seen a Colchonero team match since 2018 2019. If he comments on how well Atlético defends, the area is that he still believes that they are playing

Godn, Miranda, Tiago and Gabi

and he has not seen the horror in each lateral center. If you consider that Atlético lives more comfortably in its own field than in its rival, it means that it definitely turns off the TV with its games. Another test to detect if his colleague watches the Atltico matches is for him to say from time to time that “if it’s not for


…”. Or that I talk to him in 2024 about how good he is

Joao Felix

-30 goals and 16 assists in 117 LaLiga games- and what talent he didn’t know how to take advantage of


. But the fact that his friend says all that is not serious, it is his right to watch Atlético’s games or not. The serious thing is that some of these statements full of outdated clichés are still heard in some

television broadcasts

. Atlético is a different team – worse, clearly – with very different players, so the commonplaces that define it no longer work. We leave for another day the debate about whether it is a problem of attitude or aptitude.

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