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Guardiola is getting the ‘new Messi’ who made Brazil cry in Argentina’s jersey

by Afonso
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About the year 2020. Lionel Messi has just sent a Burofax saying he wants to leave the club after being upset with the then president of Barcelona, ​​Jose Maria Bartomeu. Manchester City’s name has been heard the most in the rumors about his next club. Of course, the coach at Man City named Pep Guardiola – who is most credited with making Messi ‘the best’ at Barcelona.

2021, Messi’s contract with Barcelona ends this time. A change in Barcelona’s president’s chair had already taken place, with Bartomeu replaced by Juan Laporta. But Laporta made a move to clean up the mess left by Bartomeu, promising to renew Messi’s contract. But in August, Barca announced that it was not possible to renew Messi’s contract in line with the league’s financial compatibility policy.

This time, Man City was mentioned as a possible destination for Messi, but City were not in a position to buy Messi at that time. Not financially, that plight will likely never come to the City. But a day before Barcelona’s Messi announcement, City bought Jack Grealish for £100 million, who was also given the number ten jersey. Guardiola later said in a tone of regret, he did not know that Barca could not keep Messi! Messi went to PSG. After two nightmare seasons in Paris, 36-year-old Messi has now moved to Inter Miami.

Guardiola did not find Messi as his own player after Barca. It probably doesn’t take a psychologist to understand that Guardiola, who occasionally expresses his fascination with Messi with or without context, would grab Messi at City with both hands.

Guardiola is getting a new Messi. Argentina’s new Messi – Claudio Etcheverry. The Argentine playmaker, who shone at the Under-17 World Cup last month, was not the end of the transfer market buzz, with Barcelona also interested in him. But Barca does not have that financial compatibility, City took the opportunity.

Ed Aarons, a journalist of the famous English newspaper The Guardian, wrote on Twitter, “As far as I understand, Manchester City has reached an agreement to buy from River Plate for 2.5 million euros. The 17-year-old midfielder will remain at the Argentinian club for another season as per his contract.

Etcheverry’s release clause at River Play is 2.5 million euros. To get him, Barcelona offered the Argentine club that they would pay more than the release clause, but not all at once. Will pay in several installments. The City’s proposal seemed more acceptable to River Plate. The same agent who worked to bring Argentina’s World Cup-winning forward Julián Alvarez to Man City is said to have helped the two clubs negotiate a switch for Echeverri.

Etcheverry himself idolizes Messi, his style of moving forward with the ball is also similar to Messi. Etcheverry scored a hat-trick in Argentina’s 3–0 win over Brazil at the U-17 World Cup.


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