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Great Victory Day celebrations in Sydney, Australia

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The Great Victory Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and day-long programs at the initiative of Bangladesh Consulate General in Sydney, Australia. The day started with the official hoisting of the national flag in the green courtyard of Bangladesh House early on Saturday morning. Officers and employees of the consulate were present.

In the afternoon, a discussion meeting and interesting cultural program was organized in the consulate premises on the occasion of the importance and significance of Victory Day. At that time, the message of the President and Prime Minister sent on the occasion of the day was read out in front of all present.

Then the Consul General presented a brief speech on the significance of the Great Victory Day. Sakhawat Hossain. Commemorations were handed over to freedom fighters living in Sydney for their outstanding contribution to the Great Liberation War.

The Consul General began his speech by wishing everyone a Happy Victory Day. At the beginning of the speech, he paid tribute to every brave Bengali who contributed to the great freedom and victory of Bangladesh under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At this time, he urged everyone to focus on building the country, inspired by the spirit of the liberation war. Besides, he highlighted the incredible success and development of Bangladesh in the socio-economic sector in the last decade.

Consul General called upon all present to contribute to the development of prosperous Bangladesh from their respective positions. Sakhawat Hossain. He also requested all Bangladeshi expatriates in Australia to send remittances through legal channels and participate in the universal pension scheme.

A fascinating cultural program was organized at the end of the discussion session. This cultural event organized by the performances of Bangladeshi artists living in Sydney captured the hearts of all present. People from all walks of life in Sydney spontaneously participated in this victory celebration.

The event organized on the occasion of the day was announced as the end of the program expressing strong commitment and conviction to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh.


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