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Government’s willingness and sincerity is needed to fight terrorism and corruption: A. Who is Azad?

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The newly elected Member of Parliament of Faridpur-3 Constituency A. said that if the government’s will and administration are sincere, then it is possible to make Faridpur free from terrorism and corruption. Who is Azad?

He said these things in response to questions from journalists at a press conference at his home in Faridpur’s Jhiltuli on Tuesday afternoon.

At this time, he thanked all concerned for organizing fair elections and promised to build a prosperous Faridpur.

A. K Azad said, ‘People of Faridpur have voted for me in spite of various difficulties. My rival candidate (Shamim Haque) District Awami League President tried to remove me from the election in various ways. My workers and supporters have been attacked, false cases have been filed. Despite the obstacles of the opponent, I won by a huge margin. I am grateful to the voters for this.

Earlier, in a written statement, he accused his rival candidate Shamim Haque of influencing the polling stations on the day of polling. He mentioned that he should be brought under the law for violating the code of conduct and trying to disrupt the peaceful polls.

AK Azad said, ‘Whatever crime he has committed, he has committed a crime worthy of arrest. Even then we did not charge him with arrest. Now he is accusing the administration and making various false allegations against us to question the election.

At this time, he called upon everyone to forget party affiliation and work together to implement the election manifesto by launching a society free from terrorism, extortion, corruption and quality education system.

He indicated to form an opposition party in the parliament with winners from independent candidates across the country.

Journalists from various media including local leaders and activists were present at the press conference.


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