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Google Maps update has everything

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Currently, many people rely on Google Maps to go to the destination. A bunch of new features have been added to the map. Location history, timeline creation, some new features have also been added to Blue Dot. Google said in a blog post that users will now be able to delete their location. Besides, you can delete the direction or search history.

Google Maps location history can now be kept offline. You don’t have to go online every time. Details will be shown to you as soon as Google Maps updates.

Google Maps will help someone to know the address easily. Google will show 5 landmarks and area names near the address given on the map. Users can easily understand where the address is. This process will work with the help of artificial intelligence.

Google Maps will provide some new features next year. Live location will be available from 2024. Apart from this, live walk assistance is also being added. That is, the navigation will start working as soon as the step is taken. When you start walking, an arrow will appear on the phone’s display. Which will tell you which direction to go. The phone will vibrate when you turn it.

Google will tell you which road you can reach quickly. In addition, Google will also tell how much fuel can be consumed on a certain route according to the engine of the car. Here too there will be live traffic updates through AI. In addition, Google Maps will provide other information about the route.

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