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Google driving mode may be closed this year

by Afonso
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Bad news for driving mode users on Google Maps. This facility may be closed this year. The feature is said to be added to Google Assistant instead of Maps.

NinetwofiveGoogle first learned about this change. Two different changes come into play when dealing with an app version. Issues related to driving mode. The first change will arrive in February this year and is listed as View. The second change involves using the microphone to play calls, messages or media files.

In the future, users will be able to activate the driving mode by giving voice commands to the artificial intelligence or AI-based Google Assistant. Through this you can enter the navigation mode of Google Maps.

Voice search makes finding anything easy for techies and driving mode enthusiasts. Apart from this, visual feedback has also been added along with voice commands. This will show what is being said in the voice command. Because the communication through audio is considered safe by the technologists.

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