Home News González Corral accuses Pedro Sánchez of provoking “wars between different territories” in order to stay in power

González Corral accuses Pedro Sánchez of provoking “wars between different territories” in order to stay in power

González Corral accuses Pedro Sánchez of provoking “wars between different territories” in order to stay in power

The Minister of Mobility and Digital Transformation of the Government of Castilla y León, María González Corral, accused Pedro Sánchez of provoking “wars between different territories” in order to remain in power. This was stated during his speech today at the ‘Route for Equality’ event that the Popular Party called on Paris Avenue, in front of the Salamanca railway station, in which the president of the Salamanca PP and mayor of the city also participated. , Carlos García Carbayo, and the deputy secretary of Equality, Conciliation and Social Policy of the Popular Party, Ana Alós López.

González Corral claimed “the equality of all”, as stated in the Constitution and in defense of the rule of law. “Faced with this, we have a Sánchez who generates inequality in order to continue governing with a partner who is the one who gives him orders from Waterloo and we all know who he is,” he insisted about the government pact with the Catalan independentists and the Junts de Carles Puigdemont.

The popular ones displayed a screen in front of the Salamanca railway station where they showed images of the protagonists of their complaints before the dozens of citizens gathered at the event. “We come to defend the principles that others want to break. Sánchez, an unscrupulous president, is provoking wars between different territories while allowing himself to embezzle public funds and attack security forces. We have already gotten used to it. That is why we cannot consent to it,” he stated.

On the other hand, the counselor invited the citizens to bet on an Executive “that governs for everyone, in a balanced way” and affirmed that they will not find the ‘popular’ “in the confrontation.” “They are busy maintaining that Government at any cost, but after yesterday we do not know how long it will last, we hope it will be short,” she commented in reference to the early elections in Catalonia announced yesterday.

Regarding the concessions within the Government pact, the counselor recalled the 15,000 million euros that the president agreed to condone to Catalonia. Can you imagine what we could do with that money in infrastructure in Castilla y León? We would have more than enough. The Silver Route, electrification to Fuentes de Oñoro, train frequencies that do not arrive. Pending highways, not only in Salamanca, the Duero Highway, the one from Burgos to Logroño, the one from Ponferrada to Orense,” she listed.

“We cannot allow ourselves to continue like this because it is not fair. From the Popular Party we have to continue fighting at all levels and continue working so that this ends so that we can unite with any citizen. Because Spain does not deserve that, it deserves the solidarity and equality of its citizens, who have to continue trusting us because we are not going to sell ourselves for a few armchairs,” he concluded.

Amnesty and plot

For her part, the Vice Secretary of Equality, Conciliation and Social Policy of the Popular Party, Ana Alós López, assured that today “is a sad day.” “We have experienced a complicated morning for the Democrats because today a betrayal of the Spanish people has been committed. The amnesty law is an amendment to the entire Constitution, to equality and to the separation of powers. “We are in a serious democratic crisis,” she said.

According to Alós López, “today Spain has a Government cornered by corruption and extorted by the independentists”, a situation that, as he said, “is not for coexistence, it is for convenience” and “is not reconciliation, but rather is submission.” The ‘popular’ deputy secretary stated that the Catalan leaders are “threatened” with independence. “They know that they are faced with a weak Government that is willing to do anything, which has shown that it has no limits or red lines. All to cover up the corruption of his party,” she stated.

In this sense, he commented that, among other issues, “Salamanca’s railway needs will have to wait.” “Spain deserves a constitutional alternative, clean and willing to defend the Spanish people. The amnesty and the plot are the two sides of the coin of ‘sanchism’: economically and politically corrupting a country to remain in power. The amnesty makes those who violated the rights of everyone appear as victims. But it doesn’t catch on either among the people or in Europe. We do not admit that its price is breaking the rule of law. “They are not going to silence us,” he concluded.

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The person in charge of opening the parliaments was the mayor of the city, Carlos García Carbayo, who is also president of the Salamancan PP. “We Spaniards are equal in rights and obligations, the Constitution says so. Well, there is no equal and it seems incredible that, with this socio-communist Government, we have to claim it. Pedro Sánchez is taking forward the most essential principles of our coexistence,” he said.

Raising the tone of his speech, García Carbayo focused the criticism on the head of the central Executive. “One cannot govern at any price. He took fliers out of jail and now wants to leave unpunished the crimes of people who endangered the coexistence of Spaniards, including terrorists. He does it for a handful of votes. He has no shame. “No president would have thought of it,” he added.

Using more daring language than usual, the president of the Salamanca ‘populares’ accused the PSOE Government of corruption. “He laughs in our face. Let him go gargle. Sánchez doesn’t give a damn about us. Meanwhile, his government is broken down by corruption. We are in the Spain of commissions and ‘guarrindongo’ celebrations. They are trying to fill their pockets with European funds, so everyone’s money goes towards apartments, trips and ‘pilingüis’,” he added.

After revealing that Adif did not authorize the demonstration inside the Viala station, arguing that “they do not want to fuel ideological or political confrontation,” Carbayo assured that “the only ones who polarize are Pedro Sánchez and the new minister who was previously in Valladolid.” “Those are specialists in confronting us. We have been demanding the recovery of the frequencies for years and they have been lying for years. Since they don’t eat a bagel here in Salamanca, they want to harm us,” he concluded.