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Goats understand people’s sufferings

by Afonso
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Be careful talking to goats! Because the goat can understand what is going on in your mind by hearing your voice. This information has emerged in a new study by scientists.

The British media BBC reported that a research team led by Professor Alan McElligott of the City University of Hong Kong conducted research on the emotional intelligence of goats. They conducted this study on 27 male and female goats. The goats were of different breeds and ages and were domesticated.

Scientists say goats can distinguish between the voices of happy people, sad people or angry people. They have emotional intelligence and are able to adapt to human presence. Perhaps because of a long history of working in groups with humans, domestic animals or pets have learned to sense the sensitivity of our voices.

According to the BBC report, the researchers played the phrase ‘look this way’ through a speaker in front of the goats. They play the same sentence several times in angry and soft voice. Then he saw that the goats gave one type of response when playing an angry voice, and another type of response when playing a soft voice. Goats have been observed looking emotionally at the speaker while playing a soft or happy voice.

Animal behavior researcher and professor McElligott said goats can read human facial expressions just like dogs and horses. However, more detailed research is needed to know how goats acquire this skill.


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