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Goals, own goals, lucky goals – a match for money

by Afonso
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Saudi Pro League is throwing money at footballers. Footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Karim Benzema have run there. But the huge amount of investment has not yet yielded results. The Saudi Pro League has not yet satisfied the audience with field football.

The Saudi audience saw the real life-filled football yesterday. This year also the Spanish Super Cup is being held in Riyadh. Real Madrid advanced to the final after defeating Atletico Madrid 5-3 in a thrilling match at Al Awal Stadium yesterday.

What was not in the match? Two great goals, two own goals, two ridiculous goals. On the one hand, Rudiger is saving the team by scoring a goal, and it is Rudiger who is making the team lose by scoring a suicide goal. Oblak left the goal and moved into the other box hoping to equalize at the last minute, running desperately to block Brahim Dias with every attack and failing.

Madrid went down with Vinicius, Rodrigo on the attack. Their partner is Jude Bellingham. Vinicius is back from injury, but the other two are in goal. But none of Madrid’s five goals were theirs. So who scored?

Rudiger, Farlan Mendy, Dani Carvajal! All three are defenders. On the other hand, Atletico led in 6 minutes by the former student of the Madrid Academy, Mario Hermoso, another defender. Ermoso’s header was answered by Rudiger in the 20th minute with another header. Meanwhile, Madrid’s two penalty appeals were ignored by the referee.

Atlético were not far behind. Griezmann, Lino and others went into attack at great pace, sometimes narrowly missing, sometimes blocked by Madrid keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The goal that Mendy scored in the 29th minute is a striker’s dream. When he received Carvajal’s cross, the goal post was behind Mendy. Instead of trying to turn the body, he flicked using the outside of the ankle. The Atlético defense watched in dismay as the ball went into the net before they knew it.

But the next goal surpassed this one in beauty. In the 37th minute, Antoine Griezmann backheeled near the Madrid box and Aurelien Chuameni, Rudiger and Modric were knocked down. Suddenly there was a huge gap in Madrid’s defence. Griezmann beat Kepa coldly with a weak right foot. The goal marked the French forward’s 164th goal in an Atlético jersey, the most in the Madrid club’s history.

A moment later Rodrigo dropped Jose Maria Jimenez with a great leg drop. But how Oblak blocked his weak shot. The first half ends there.

At the start of the second half, Lino could not put Atletico ahead for a while. At the other end, Madrid could have gone ahead if Carvajal had not hit the ball on Oblak and hit it around. By that time, Tony Kroos entered the field. Who said before the match that it is never possible for him to play in the league of Saudi Arabia due to the question of human rights. The crowd expressed their displeasure as Kroos had to listen to the duo every time he got the ball at his feet.

At the 78th minute, Atletico went ahead in the match. Kepa jumped thinking Morata could head. But the keeper’s hand dropped the ball to Rudiger’s feet and before Rudiger knew it, the ball went into the net.

But after six minutes he was saved by Carvajal. Vinicius made a run down the left flank into the Atlético defence. Oblak blocked his shot. Bellingham took a shot from the return ball, Savich stopped it, Bellingham took a shot again, this time Ermoso returned it from the goal line. But this time the return ball goes to Carvajal. His goal equalized for the third time in the match.

Substitute Brahim almost had a goal in added time, but his shot went wide.

Atlético looked tired in extra time. However, it seemed that the match would go to penalties. But there was a ridiculous goal 4 minutes before the end of the scheduled time. Joselu headed in Carvajal’s cross. There was no force on his head, but the ball was touched by Savis’ boot and bounced in front of Oblak. Even after the clouds, the ball hit the paper. The ball hits the net just before crossing the line.

At the 121st minute, Atlético rose to every attack. Oblak was almost close to the Madrid box after crossing midfield. In such a situation, when Joselu cleared the ball from the Madrid defense, it fell across the midfield. Oblak and a defender were running frantically. But Brahim ran from behind and took a shot from a distance. The final nail in Atletico’s coffin.

Barcelona will face last season’s Copa del Rey finalist Osasuna in the second semi-final tonight.


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