Home News ‘Go to jail and see how much suffering’, BNP leader’s anger

‘Go to jail and see how much suffering’, BNP leader’s anger

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What are we thieves and robbers? What have we done wrong? The police caught us with both hands behind our backs and handcuffed us. The police that behave with us! We are agitating for the human rights and voting rights of the people of the country. What is our crime for that? You go to jail and see how hard it is in jail! Eating and chasing, sleeping (sleep) is so painful!’

Manikganj Municipal BNP President Nasir Uddin Ahmed said these things in a tearful voice at the human chain program on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.

Manikganj district BNP organized this program in Bandutia Bazar area of ​​Manikganj city on Sunday. Hundreds of leaders and workers of the district and various upazila BNP and its affiliates participated in the human bonding program.

Addressing the Election Commission, this leader of BNP said, ‘to protect people’s right to vote and democracy, cancel the election schedule and hold the next national parliament election under the caretaker government.’

District BNP general secretary SA Jinnah Kabir said, “Hundreds of district BNP leaders and activists participated in this program despite the threat of arrest and arrest.” In the last 15 years, this Awami League government has taken human rights violations to the lowest level. In the future, the leaders and workers of BNP will fight for the protection of human rights and the voting rights of the citizens of the country.

District BNP Vice President Maksudur Rahman Mukul, District Women’s Party President Sabiha Habib, Joint Secretary Abdus Salam Badal, SMM Iqbal Hossain Khan, Dr. Ziaur Rahman and Abdul Quddus Khan Majlis and others were also present in this hour-long program.


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