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Glasses will tell you how to wear pants with a shirt!

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Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta recently launched smart glasses in partnership with famous eyewear brand Ray-Ban. These smart glasses feature advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence or AI. As announced by Meta, some people will be allowed to use these smart glasses to test the AI ​​feature.

According to technology site The Verge, these AI-powered smartglasses will work using camera sensors, LED units and microphones. This feature allows the glasses to understand and interpret what they are seeing and hearing. The AI ​​inside the glasses can analyze the surrounding situation with the help of its assistant camera and microphone. It can then provide information based on what it sees or hears.

For example, you want to know about the landmark you noticed after putting on these smart glasses. The SmartGlass can then detect landmarks through its AI camera and feed information from what it sees in front of the eye. Again, if you ask a question or need help in any case after wearing these glasses, the AI ​​assistant will understand your voice commands through the microphone and complete the commanded task.

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg revealed the capabilities of these smartglasses in an Instagram video last Tuesday. In the video, Mark holds a shirt in his hand and asks Chashma what kind of pants would go well with it. The specs describe the shirt and give some options for what type of pants can be worn.

At the initial stage only a limited number of people will be able to use the AI ​​features of these smart glasses. For now, only US users will get this benefit. Using the new smart glasses, you can live stream Facebook, Instagram videos, says Meta.

These smart glasses will cost $299 with standard lenses. Which is 33 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency. On the other hand, its price with polarized and transition lenses is 329 dollars and 379 dollars respectively. Which is 36 and a half thousand and 42 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency.


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